No Churn Pina Colada Ice Cream (vegan)

Last summer this time, I was chilling on a beach and overdosing on Pina Coladas. Now that I think of it, Pina Colada might actually be one of my favourite cocktails. Unfortunately, Delhi has no beaches. The heat doesn’t even allow you to sit outdoors. But but, always look at the positive side: you can make Pina Colada Ice Cream! WHATTT!

I have recently started making ice cream at home, confidence boosted by this amazing – Berries Ice cream which was such a success. You can check it out if you haven’t already. I’ve also explained a brief science of making no-churn ice cream. This is another no-churn ice cream because honestly, I don’t have a churner lol. In fact, most people don’t. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying homemade ice cream. 😀

Pina colada ice cream.jpg

However fancy this ice cream sounds, the process is not at all fancy. If you wanna get a little creative and add a few chunks of pineapple here and there, go ahead! Feel free to substitute Malibu for White Rum in case you don’t have any Malibu at hand. The trick to getting a fluffier ice cream is to beat the coconut cream to soft peaks. Coconut cream essentially is liquid at room temperature and doesn’t whip up to soft peaks very easily because of low fat content. So make sure you have got yourself a VERY chilled (not frozen) can of coconut cream. I like to chill mine overnight or longer sometimes. That’s more or less about it. It’s really that simple.

Pina colada ice cream1.jpg

Recipe adaptation: Nigella Lawson


Makes: 6 scoops


  • 200 ml coconut cream, chilled
  • 100 gms pineapple juice (from the carton)
  • 50 gms Malibu or white rum
  • 3 tsp lemon juice
  • 25 gms sugar
  • pineapple chunks, optional



  • Chill a large bowl in the freezer for an hour or two. This helps in getting the coconut cream chilled.
  • In a small bowl, mix together the pineapple juice, Malibu, lemon juice and sugar. Stir well until the sugar has dissolved. You can taste the mix and adjust according to your liking. Remember that it’s not going to be that strong after freezing.
  • Whip the chilled coconut cream in the chilled bowl until soft peaks.
  • Gently fold in the mix. Add pineapple chunks, if using. Pour into an airtight plastic container and freeze for 5-6 hours or overnight. Serve with warm toasted coconut.

White Chocolate, Coconut & Passion Fruit Blondies

Woah, it’s been a long time. Gosh, there’s so much happening. I know I’ve made you wait a long long time for this one. Sorry about that. I finally feel free. Not in a “Oh, I have all the time in the world” kinda free. I’ve finally graduated (at least let’s hope I do, this year. My exams were horrible.) from a course I didn’t enjoy doing. I loved these 3 years, however unbelievable that sounds coming from me, I just never enjoyed what I was doing academically. It’s a drag when you’re not into it. Hence, the liberation. I’m quite excited about what’s to come next. I’m going to a culinary school next year, so yayy for that. For those of you who have been following me on Instagram, you would already know that. For those of you who aren’t, why aren’t you?! Haha, I’m kidding.

First things first, I’m so sorry Nicholas! I’ve been a bit caught up with exams and probably the deadline has already passed but I just want to thank you for nominating me for the bloggers award. It means a lot to a 20 year old amateur baker coming from you.  If you guys haven’t already checked out his blog, you must do so! Click here.

Passionfruit white chocollate coconut blondies

Now coming to the exciting part. Or probably the only part one wants to read. Nobody likes a rambler. Anyhow, let’s talk a little about these gorgeous blondies. Now what are blondies? Blondies are basically like brownies sans the chocolate. Blondies are typically made with vanilla or butterscotch (hence the pale color). To put it simply, brownies are called brownies because of their brown color from chocolate and blondies because of their pale color. You get it? It’s funnily racist but all in good humour (let’s not get defensive here).  So if you aren’t into chocolate, but you love the texture of brownies (because who can resist THAT drooling), you can still enjoy them in the form of blondies. This one here is extraaaa indulgent and next level addictive! I made these for our office potluck and they were such a hit! My friend slyly sneaked three pieces for herself just so she could relish them in peace 😛 RIP diet.

Passionfruit white chocolate blondies.jpg

I’m not one for overly sweet desserts and I feel balance is the key to a good dessert. Lately I have been in a very tropical mood. Loads of coconut and pineapple happening. This one is a bit sophisticated version of the tropical flavours, if you will. While white chocolate and coconut hit your sweet spot, the pulp from passion fruit is just good enough to cut through all the sweetness, without being too tangy. You would wanna avoid over ripe passion fruit. These are super easy to put together and those golden swirls are to die for! Okay okay no more rambling. Go try for yourself. I guarantee you cannot stop at one!

Makes: 24 brownies


  • 200 gms white chocolate, chopped *
  • 200 gms unsalted or salted butter
  • 150 gms castor sugar or you can use coconut sugar (the blondies would be a bit dark)
  • 4 large eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 175 gms flour
  • 40 gms shredded coconut (moist works best)
  • ½ cup passion fruit pulp (seeds removed)


  • Grease a rectangle baking pan and line with parchment paper. Keep aside. Preheat oven to 180 C.
  • Melt 150 gms of white chocolate and butter over a double boiler. Stir to make sure that they are mixed well. You can also use a whisk. Let it cool.
  • In a large bowl, beat the sugar and eggs together until light and pale. Add the vanilla essence and mix well.
  • Pour in the melted chocolate and stir. Add in the flour, shredded coconut and the remaining 50 gms of white chocolate and use a spatula to combine everything properly.
  • Pour the batter into the prepared pan. Pour the passion fruit pulp on top and make swirls using a knife or a toothpick. Bake for 35-40 mins or until a skewer inserted comes out clean, with a few moist crumbs. Let it cool completely before cutting into squares.


*- You could alternatively use 150 gms of white chocolate and 50 gms of white chocolate chips.